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Maintaining a clean and safe environment for those around them is of key importance to any home or business owner. So, when pests or rodents infiltrate your home or business, it can present cause for concern. Pests and rodents can carry germs and damage your property while their presence can also often frighten family, friends or employees. If you notice signs of pest or rodent infestation, don’t turn a blind eye – they will only multiply in numbers and/or amplify the amount of damage to your property. Instead, keep calm, pick up the phone and call the local, specialists providers of pest control Kew residents have trusted for more than two decades – Neighbourhood Pest Control.… Read More

Our family owned and operated business has been successfully providing pest control in Kew for more than 20 years. Catering to a variety of satisfied clients in the commercial and domestic sectors, we offer affordable and lasting pest management programs and solutions. We effectively service both commercial and residential properties, offering swift, effective pest control solutions to estate agents and property managers, local councils, single clients, families and more. Whatever the pest – be it birds nesting in the attic, a mouse flurrying about in your sitting room, a nest of rats residing in a storage area of a factory or a nest of insects inhabiting a commercial kitchen – our team are on hand to swiftly and effectively resolve the issue. Call our team today and see for yourself why Neighbourhood Pest Control in Melbourne is the most trusted pest control service provider in Kew.… Hide Content