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There’s no doubt about it – pests and rodents are a major nuisance. And, if they work their way into inhabiting your residential or commercial premises, they become more than just a nuisance – they become quite a problem. Pests and rodents such as ants, spiders, possums, rats, mice, birds and cockroaches can cause damage to your property as well as causing noise disturbances and health hazards. There is also the fact that their presence is likely to unnerve your family members, employees or customers. If pests and rodents become an issue on your property, be sure to act fast. Swift resolution to pest infestation can prevent a lot of hassle and damage in the long run.

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Neighbourhood Pest Control is the number one trusted provider of pest control Hillside residents can turn to when they wish to “evict” pests and rodents from their property. We are a certified, highly skilled and extensively trained team of pest control specialists with over 30 years combined industry experience and expertise. A family owned and operated business; we have served the Hillside area with quality and affordable pest management services for more than two decades. We can provide a swift solution to the issue, whatever the pest, whatever the rodent, however large or small the infestation is.

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Neighbourhood Pest Control prides itself on delivering superior pest control in Hillside that is environmentally friendly and which does not disrupt your property or lifestyle. When you want pests and rodents off your property and out of your life, don’t delay and call Neighbourhood Pest Control today.

If you’re one of the many people who has had the misfortune of discovering a pest infestation on your property, it’s time to contact one of the experts in pest control Hillside has to offer. Whilst it goes without saying that we’d all much prefer it if the infestation hadn’t happened, it’s extremely important to remember to act quickly – as failure to do so can quickly result in an unpleasant but relatively minor issue becoming a much more significant one.

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When infestations aren’t dealt with quickly, pests can quickly multiply. In the case of termites and rodents especially, this can lead very quickly to extremely significant damage to your property which will be very expensive to repair. And even in the case of other pests which may at first seem to be less troublesome, the reality is that they can not just damage your property, but also spread disease, contaminate food and ultimately threaten your general health, safety and wellbeing.

Here at Neighbourhood Pest Control, we’ve built a strong reputation for providing the very best pest control Hillside has to offer. Over the years, we’ve helped many people just like you overcome their infestations with minimal fuss, bother or expense, and we’ve built a team of true experts in their field.

Every single member of our team is a highly trained and experienced, fully licensed, fully accredited and fully insured professional. This means that our customers can rest assured that they’re working with the very best. Using only the most advanced and effective products and equipment, we quickly isolate and remove the pests from your property, leaving you once again free to go about your day to day life without the constant fear of coming across an unsightly, unpleasant and ultimately unwelcome intruder.

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Pest Control for Your Hillside Home or Business

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve discovered an infestation in a small unit or on the premises of a large business, we’ve got you completely covered. In the past, we’ve worked with a huge range of different customers across Melbourne and the surrounding areas, so we have the knowledge, skills and experience required to remove absolutely any pests from absolutely any location.

And because all the products that we use are fully biodegradable and highly targeted to pests, they’re completely harmless to humans, so there’ll be no adverse effects for you, your family, your staff or your customers – and you can get back to business as usual right away!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"I had never had a problem with pests before, but when we moved in to our new house I was devastated to find out that there was a termite infestation! I called Neighbourhood Pest Control, and they came to the rescue. They were fast and thorough, and we even had them in for a follow up inspection and we are now, very happily, termite free! Don't make the same mistake we did, get your home inspected before you move in."

− Michelle Baker, Geelong

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We understand that our customers want the pests on their property removed as swiftly as possible, but also that they want to be able to get on with their lives comfortable in the knowledge that the unwanted guests won’t be making a second appearance.

This is why we’re proud to offer a follow-up visit, during which we’ll thoroughly inspect your property in order to confirm that absolutely every trace of your infestation has been completely eradicated, once and for all.

Just get in touch with a member of the team to find out more information about our services.

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