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Got a pest problem that you want gone ASAP? If so, Neighbourhood Pest Control can make your pest problem go away fast! We are your go-to point of call for all pest infestations, eradicating your pests so that you can get your life back to normal. We know how problematic a commercial pest problem can be, making your working environment uncomfortable for you and your employees. Offering quick service, friendly advice and the best rates on the market today, Neighbourhood Pest Control is your point of call for all pest control.

Neighbourhood Pest Control offers the best commercial pest control Geelong can rely on. We all know what a terrible pest infestation can do; it can make life incredibly difficult when you’re constantly worried about being bitten, stung or experiencing general illness.

If you’re currently experiencing these problems, know that it doesn’t have to be this way; Neighbourhood Pest Control can eradicate these nasty pests for you quickly and easily.It doesn’t matter if you have a small office space or a large warehouse outside of Geelong, we have the right skills and experience to solve the problem for you. Not only do we get rid of them, but we can also manage your premises on an ongoing basis and provide professional valuable advice so that you can get on with your life. We even guarantee our work for 6 months so that you can rest assured that your pest problem is taken care of. Specifically, we specialise in commercial pest control in Geelong – eradicating ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, possums and birds, fleas, flies, termites and so much more.

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Furthermore, it’s our mission to let our clients know that their safety is our top priority. We only use fully biodegradable products that target the pests but are harmless to everything and everyone else. Our technicians take extra precaution when using the chemicals and knowing that our products are safe for the environment and for you offers a sense of comfort that other companies fall short on.

We will happily provide you with a free quote and estimation upon inspection! Once you reach out to us, one of our trained technicians will come and scope out your business to have a full idea of the problem at hand. They will explain, in detail, how they plan on dealing with the issue at hand and the kind of results you should expect soon after. Whether you’re looking for a termite inspection in Geelong or pest inspections in Melbourne, we are keen on making sure that you’re well-informed from the get-go so that you know exactly what our team of experts is doing to help alleviate the problem for you.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to learn more about Neighbourhood Pest Control, feel free to give us a call on 1300 307 864.

There’s no doubt that discovering a pest infestation of any kind is a serious problem for any business. And the fact that pests can cause extreme damage to your property and force you to pay out for expensive repairs is very much the least of your concerns.

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Many pests – particularly certain spiders – can pose a serious and immediate threat to the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff and customers. And of course, this threat is amplified for businesses in the food and hospitality industries.

Fortunately, the commercial pest control Geelong businesses can access here at Neighbourhood Pest Control is a swift and powerful solution to absolutely any pest problems your business may currently be facing.

At Neighbourhood Pest Control, we’ve built our outstanding reputation in the industry on the back of many years of experience helping home and business owners in the Melbourne and Geelong areas to get on top of their pest problems and keep their unwanted guests away for good.

Our highly trained and experienced team of pest control experts have all the skills and knowledge required in order to guarantee quick and effective results for all kinds of businesses, regardless of the nature of their particular pest problem.

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  • Pest Control OfficeOffices
  • Pest Control RestaurantsRestaurants
  • Pest Control Food ManufacturersFood Manufacturers
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  • Pest Control Development SitesDevelopment Sites
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  • Pest Control HotelsHotels
  • Pest Control Commercial SpacesCommercial Spaces
  • Pest Control Food OutletsFood Outlets

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re infested with termites, cockroaches or flies, or whether you’ve got an unwanted family of rodents, birds or possums causing trouble on your premises, you can rest assured that we have both the know-how and the advanced, state of the art equipment required to deal with the issue efficiently and get you back to business as usual.

Plus, if you’re worried about the ongoing effects of pest removal products on the health and safety of your customers and employees, let us assuage your fears: our products are all fully biodegradable and targeted specifically to the pests we’re hired to remove, so they’ll have absolutely no impact on you, your staff or your customers.

You can be confident that we won’t simply disappear once the initial problem has been solved and the problem visitors have been removed from your property. On the contrary, we strongly believe that, at this point, our work has only really just begun.

After all, it’s no good having your pest problem solved temporarily if the nuisance creatures are only going to return a few days, weeks or months down the line. That’s why we work closely with our customers to help them find ways to ensure that the pests, once out, stay out.

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With expert advice and guidance combined with a follow-up visit to ensure that the job has been completed with 100% success, you can be sure that our team will provide you with not just a temporary, but a genuinely permanent solution to your pest problem – something which is absolutely essential for any business, especially those operating in the food and hospitality industries.

Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team today to find out more information about how, with just a few swift and efficient steps, we can use our expertise to rid your business of its troublesome pest problem once and for all.

Whether you need pest control services for your home or Geelong Business, Neighbourhood Pest Control provides fast and friendly service with great prices. Covering most Geelong and Melbourne areas.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"I had never had a problem with pests before, but when we moved in to our new house I was devastated to find out that there was a termite infestation! I called Neighbourhood Pest Control, and they came to the rescue. They were fast and thorough, and we even had them in for a follow up inspection and we are now, very happily, termite free! Don't make the same mistake we did, get your home inspected before you move in."

− Michelle Baker, Geelong

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