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Termite infestations are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to the structure of residential and commercial properties each and every year in Australia. It’s hard to imagine that termites can have such a significant impact on the structure of a property, right?

It’s amazing how much damage those little mites can do to ceilings, floors, walls, and furniture if they are allowed to creep in and take up residence in a property. If you’re not sure if you have an infestation of termites, there are a couple of tell-tale signs that you do. These can include bubbling on paint, the ceilings or flooring, a swarm of insect wings, dust-like droppings, hollow sounding wood or mud tubes on the exterior walls or wooden beams in the property. The minute that you recognise any signs of a termite infestation, you need to call in expert assistance immediately.

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Termite Treatment in Melbourne

Neighbourhood Pest Control is your local team of termite inspection and extermination specialists. We’ve got decades of experience in this business and operate with a team of the most extensively trained and highly knowledgeable pest control experts in the wider Melbourne area. We want to help remove your termite problem today and save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing extensive damage. We provide the best customer service, the most successful results and the most affordable termite treatment cost Melbourne has to offer.

Termites can make a family home unliveable and disrupt the day-to-day operations of a commercial business. Our authority team can eliminate termites from any type of property. Whether termites have infested a residential home, hotel, restaurant, food outlet, development site or any other commercial business, we can quickly and safely treat the issue with our commercial pest control Melbourne treatment services.

Safety is, of course, a primary concern for our team. Therefore, we ensure to use only biodegradable chemicals to treat a termite issue. These chemicals will not pose any harm to anything or anyone else. Our specialist termite control team welcome any questions and will keep you fully informed of the results of our inspection, our termite treatment Melbourne process and the expected results of the eradication.

Wide-ranging Pest Control Services in Melbourne

Neighbourhood Pest Control offers more than just termite treatment services in Melbourne. We offer a wide variety of pest control services, with the ability to eliminate any pest issue. Whether it’s mice, rats, birds, flies, cockroaches, possums, spiders or any other pest that has become an issue for you, we can ensure the safe extermination of the problem. Pests can cause a major nuisance and can turn your life into disarray. When you call Neighbourhood Pest Control, we can get on the job and make your pest problem go away today.

Whatever termite or pest issue you are experiencing, call our expert team today for advice and assistance.

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