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If you notice signs of infestation by rodents or pests in your home or workplace, don’t panic – a simple solution is available! The Neighbourhood Pest Control team are the local specialists in pest control Torquay residents call on when rodents or pests take refuge in their home or commercial business space. We can ensure the safe and effective removal of a variety of rodents and pests including birds, rats, mice, mites, spiders, ants, possums and much more. Our goal is to ensure the most efficient pest and rodent control, without harming the environment or disrupting your property or everyday life. We pride ourselves on using the most environmentally sound techniques and materials possible to ensure that we deliver complete solutions that will leave you breathing easy and free from pests.… Read More

No job is too big or small for our full qualified, licenced and insured team of pest control professionals. A family owned and operated business, Neighbourhood Pest Control in Torquay has served the area for more than 20 years and has a built up a solid reputation of being an honest and trustworthy pest management service provider. Our team offers over 30 years of combined industry experience so our clients can trust us to rely on our extensive industry expertise to quickly identify and resolve the problem at hand. When pests and termites become an issue at your residential or commercial property in Torquay, we look forward to lending you a helping hand. Trust Neighbourhood Pest Control to be your miracle provider when it comes to offering affordable termite, rodent and pest control solutions when you need them most.… Hide Content