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Any homeowner that has dealt with termites in the past will recognise what a persistent and often problematic pest they are. They arrive onto your property with no warning and in some cases go undetected for quite some time. However, the time that they are present is time that could end up costing you a lot of money to rectify the damage done. Fortunately, residents of Eltham can avail of professional termite inspection services that are vastly superior to those of days gone by.

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Living in Eltham and in Need of a Professional Termite Inspection?

At Neighbourhood Pest Control, we are the experts in all things pest related that thousands of Australians, just like you, turn to every year when they need their home cleared of such nuisances. We have been around for 16 years under this banner, but have a combined experience in the industry of 24 years, which affords us considerable insight into what works, what doesn’t and the myriad different ways that termites can compromise your home.

Our professional service is available to both residential and commercial customers. We are a highly adept, knowledgeable team that has a vast knowledge of insect and pest biology, which is why our treatments work so well for all of our customers. Ask around and you will quickly learn that we provide the best termite treatment in Eltham.

Is One Treatment Enough to Terminate Termites for Good?

Ask anyone that has ever owned property if they managed to get through a full year without having to deal with some sort of pest and we expect that you will most likely come back with a lot of different stories about the varying ways that pests made their lives a living hell. We all want to find an all-in-one solution that will protect our homes but until such a product hits the market, there are ways to keep your home liveable.

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We’re Eltham’s Termite Protection Expects

Here at Neighbourhood Pest Control, when we carry out termite inspection in Eltham we seek to identify the specific way that the termites have nested in your home and the different areas that they have infiltrated. We realise that each home has its own problems and so we tailor our services to address those specific issues and providing a thorough clearing out.

The majority of customers hope that a single treatment is enough to keep these pesky pests away for good, but the reality is that until that miracle solution is created, vigilance is the only way to ensure that your home remains termite-free from year-to-year.

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Questions About Our Termite Inspections, Protection & Treatment in Eltham?

Fortunately, those living in Eltham can access termite treatment, pest control, as well as a managed inspection service. We recommend that an inspection is carried out at least once a year. This helps us to identify any problems as and when they arise and treat it effectively. Our work is guaranteed for six months and not only treats the issue but prevents it from recurring. With this system in place, you can live comfortably going forward.

At Neighbourhood Pest Control, we work hard to provide you with the very best termite protection available in Eltham. Our treatments are safe to use around humans and are environmentally friendly as well. This affords you peace of mind that there are no nasty side-effects experienced.

So, regardless of what property you own, if you have termites and want them eradicated, just give us a call and we will complete a free onsite quote, followed by the best treatment in the business.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"I had never had a problem with pests before, but when we moved in to our new house I was devastated to find out that there was a termite infestation! I called Neighbourhood Pest Control, and they came to the rescue. They were fast and thorough, and we even had them in for a follow up inspection and we are now, very happily, termite free! Don't make the same mistake we did, get your home inspected before you move in."

− Michelle Baker, Geelong

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