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Possums, termites, insects, birds, mice, rats, spiders and flies – once these guys get into your home or business they can become a right nuisance! That’s why we like to collectively label these animals as “pests”. If they take up an unwelcome residence in your residential or commercial property in Hawthorn, they are annoying and can cause destruction to both the structure of your property and your lifestyle. If pests or rodents walk their way uninvited into your home or business, ensure to serve them swiftly with an eviction notice. Luckily, for this, you can rely on a local provider of pest control Hawthorn residents have relied on for years to end their pest infestation woes – Neighbourhood Pest Control. Evicting pests and rodents is our specialty. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, our expert team is best placed to deliver a pest control solution to fit your needs.… Read More

We are a full service pest control provider, servicing both residential and commercial properties with cost-effective pest control solutions. Whether pests or rodents have inhabited your house, apartment, office complex, corner store, hotel, restaurant or warehouse, Neighbourhood Pest Control in Hawthorn can move swiftly to successfully “evict” your unwanted visitors. And we’ll do so in an efficient manner without disrupting your property, lifestyle or business operations. Whatever the pest, however big or small their presence, we are ready and waiting to provide a quick solution to your problem. Don’t wait for pests and rodents to multiply and cause damage to your property, call your local pest control experts in Hawthorn today. The Neighbourhood Pest Control team are here to help you!… Hide Content