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Termites are nasty little buggers! They are unsightly and having them around your property can make family members and employees feel very uncomfortable. However unsightly they are, the negative impact that termites can have on your residential or commercial property and those who encounter them is far more significant than causing discomfort. Termites feed on wood and can destroy the core structure of your property if they are left to munch away behind the walls. They will also feed on paper and clothes too so a strong possibility exists whereby termites may not only eat through your closets – but all your clothes that lie within! Not only this, but termites carry fungi and can impact the health of the inhabitants of a property over time.…Read More

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to act fast once you suspect a termite infestation in your property. Act like your fellow business people and residents and call the number one provider of termite treatment in Geelong and termite inspection Geelong has to offer – Neighbourhood Pest Control. We are a specialist pest control service provider with over two decades of experience serving the local Geelong area. We can move swiftly to inspect, identify and treat termite infestations. We pride ourselves in utilising the most environmentally friendly materials to conduct our services and ensure effective and efficient termite removal without disrupting your home or business.

If termites have established a presence in your house, apartment, shop, office, warehouse, hotel café or restaurant, don’t delay – pick up the phone and quickly call Neighbourhood Pest Control today.…Hide Content