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When termites present themselves at your home or business, it is a sure cause for concern. After all, small and all as those guys are, they can wreak major havoc in your property. Termites love to chew on wood, paper and cloth materials. Where termites are present, your property is sure to suffer as they chew their way through the core structure, interior and exterior wooden furniture, clothing, fittings, documents and even important power lines and power cables.

The longer they stick around, the more they seem to multiply and the longer you allow termites to maintain residence at your property, the more damage they will cause. They even carry germs and fungi onto your property that slowly impact the health of family members of employees. If you so much as suspect termite infestation, draft in your local pest control experts Neighbourhood Pest Control for an effective inspection and eviction…Read More

Our termite treatment Kew based team offer many years of valuable industry experience. You can rely on us for the best advice and assistance when it comes to termite control & termite inspection in Kew. Our fully licenced, insured and trained team provide an affordable, efficient, effective solution to your termite problem. We can inspect and “evict” from houses, offices, apartments, warehouses, shopping centres and a host of other residential and commercial properties in Kew. Our expertise is backed by a solid reputation for delivering customer satisfaction and effective results to clients in the Kew area. Don’t delay because our team is at hand to deliver effective pest control solutions to your home or business today…Hide Content