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As far as insects go, the presence of termites in your home can pose a bigger threat than ants, spiders and cockroaches. Although small in size, the damage that an infestation of termites can cause both inside and outside a property and to human health can be monumental. Termites can chew their way through wood, paper clothing and even infiltrate power lines. If left to feed away on the core structure of your property, the potential damage costs can amount to thousands of dollars. The presence of termites in a property can also have a dramatic effect on its sale value – in fact, many realtors will require evidence of a termite inspection when managing the sale of a property. Add in the fact that termites carry fungi that can damage human health and termites present one pretty big problem for homeowners and business owners.…Read More

Don’t take the risk; if you suspect the presence of termites in your commercial or residential property, get straight on the phone to your local experts – Neighbourhood Pest Control. We are the specialist providers for termite treatment in Hillside, and termite inspection Hillside residents turn to when termites present an issue. We can quickly and effectively identify and treat the presence of termites in houses, apartments, office complexes, shopping malls, warehouses, restaurants and cafes. Our fully insured, licenced and extensively trained team of experts use only the most environmentally friendly materials to perform termite treatments and ensure not to disrupt your property, lifestyle or business operations.

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