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Allow us to quickly introduce 3 pretty terrifying facts about termites:

  1. Termites can eat through wood, clothing, paper and even power lines
  2. Termites carry fungi that can negatively impact human health
  3. The presence of termites can affect or even negate the sale of a residential or commercial property

With those 3 facts in mind, you should appreciate that even the smallest signs or indications of the presence of termites at your home in business need to be taken very seriously. Termites pose a much more dangerous threat to your property than most insects and need to be “evicted” almost as soon as they have “moved in” to your property. Sure they seem small and harmless but those small little insects could be the very reason you lose a potential sale on your property or find yourself having to reach deep into your pockets to cover the cost of damage to your property and/or its contents.…Read More

Whatever your issues with termites, do not panic as help is at hand. Pick up the phone and make a call to the specialist provider of termite treatment in Essendon, and termite inspection Essendon residents have trusted for many years – Neighbourhood Pest Control. With advice and assistance from our expert team, your termite issue can swiftly be a thing of the past. Our team offer an affordable solution to any termite control queries or issues. Using only the most environmentally friendly materials, our fully licenced and insured team can ensure effective, efficient termite removal without disrupting your lifestyle or business. Don’t delay – get Neighbourhood pest Control on the case today.…Hide Content