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When termites take up residence in your residential or commercial property, it can be a real cause for concern. As if you didn’t have enough to deal with managing a home or business, now you have to concern yourself with the damage that those small yet troublesome mites could do to your property.

Although it may be tempting to turn a blind eye, when it comes to termite infestations, the key to success is to act FAST. The longer those guys stay on your property, the more destruction they can cause…and boy can termites cause destruction! They love to feed on wood so any furnishings or structural elements of the property are at risk once termites take up residence. Just as swiftly as they made their way onto your property, you need to ensure that termites leave just as fast.

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When you need to eliminate termites from your residential or commercial premises, you need to call in the help of the best providers of termite pest control Melbourne has to offer – Neighbourhood Pest Control.

Termite Pest Control in Melbourne

We’ve got over 24 years of industry experience so we know exactly how to swiftly and safely identify and remove termite infestations from any property. We provide specialist termite pest control Melbourne services to residential homes, hotels, offices, development sites, restaurants, food outlets and other commercial businesses with our commercial pest control Melbourne & Geelong services. Our pest control specialists are among the most knowledgeable and extensively trained in the wider Melbourne area. When pests present an issue, we can be on site to eliminate the problem today.

Termites can make a home unliveable and they can disrupt business operations significantly if they are allowed to stick around. If you identify a termite problem, you need to call our team immediately. If you notice any bubbling on paint, ceilings or floorings, gatherings of insect wings, dust-like droppings, hollow wood or a mould-like scent, these are indications that you have a termite issue.

The faster you act in this scenario, the less significant the damage will be. Termite infestations are responsible for millions of dollars of structural damage in Australia every year. A termite problem simply won’t just “go away”. It will only become a more serious issue.

Effective Pest Control in Melbourne

Neighbourhood Pest Control not only offers specialist termite control, we can effectively eliminate all types of pests. If rodents, birds, cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, possums or any other pests take up residence in your property, we’ve got the skills and knowledge to swiftly serve them their eviction notice. We only use biodegradable chemicals that are effective for termite and pest control but safe to the environment and everyone on the premises.

Neighbourhood Pest Control can take care of your pest problem today. We’ll even ensure a follow up service, on-going advice and will provide a service guarantee for our work.

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Protect your Property with Termite and Pest Control in Melbourne

For such little creatures, termites and other insects can cause a lot of trouble. If an infestation is allowed to fester, over time it can literally cause an entire building to collapse. This is especially true if termites have managed to find their way into the main structural support of a building.

Don’t mess around with your own future: protect your property with quality termite and pest control. In Melbourne, Geelong, or anywhere along the Gold Coast: Neighbourhood Pest Control has got you covered.

Termites can do an Extraordinary Amount of Damage

Termites have been known to eat furniture and older electrical wiring. Even if they don’t decide to chomp down on your wiring, the dust and debris they leave behind your walls can become a fire hazard. There are known cases where heat released during wood decomposition has actually caused the sawdust residue left by termites to spontaneously combust!

It’s far more likely that you’ll experience creaking floorboards and loose-fitting doors than a spontaneous fire, but that should give you an idea of just how bad an infestation is for your property.

Your Assets are on the line

You’ve worked hard to create a life for yourself, and termites can easily undo all of that hard work. Your assets are literally on the line when you’re dealing with a potential infestation. Don’t risk everything you’ve earned by working with an unreliable company or attempting to treat for termites on your own. There are too many variables to contend with, and that leaves you vulnerable.

You see, it’s possible to quiet the infestation. This means you’ve reduced the number of termites in your structure, but you haven’t gotten rid of the queen: the real heart of the colony. So, as long as she’s alive, the problem will continue to return.

Not only that but a small number of termites are able to quietly cause a huge amount of destruction; and they won’t leave nearly as much evidence. In that way, it can be very detrimental to reduce colony numbers without destroying the colony itself.

We Treat more than Termites

It’s not just termites that can cause damage to your home and surrounding property. There are all sorts of pests that can cause absolute chaos. They’re not limited to the insect kingdom either. At Neighbourhood Pest Control, we have more than 20 years’ experience in treating for pests of all kinds. We are also members in good standing of the Australian Environmental Pest Management Association (AEPMA).

This organization is the only nationally recognized institution in Australia that is charged with overseeing the safe and comprehensive management of pest control. They offer accredited trainings to all of their members, and we’re also required to hold insurance for both public liability and professional indemnity. This offers you complete protection and a guarantee that you will get our best work. We ensure our technicians undergo regular training so they remain abreast of the most current industry standards for all types of termite and pest control in Melbourne and throughout all of Australia.

Don’t let Pests Control your Future

You should be proud to own property, whether it’s your own home or a commercial business. Sometimes, it can seem like a bit of a burden. All the upkeep that goes into simply maintaining a property can be both time-consuming and expensive. Don’t let something as simple as an insect become a threat to all that hard work. You’ve earned your place in this world, and termites don’t get a say in your future.

At least they won’t have one when you work with Neighbourhood Pest Control. We are dedicated to ensuring the long-term protection of your assets. Contact us today for an onsite consultation and quote.

Whether you need pest control services for your home or workplace, Neighbourhood Pest Control provides fast and friendly service with great prices. Covering most Geelong and Melbourne areas.

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