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Why should you be concerned if you notice signs of termite infestation in your property? Because termites are responsible for causing billions of dollars in damage across the globe each year, that’s why. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, insulation and even filtration systems, causing significant damage to both the interior and exterior of a residential or commercial property. They multiply in numbers very quickly and if left to their own devices, they can become a real headache. The presence of termites can negatively impact the potential sale of a property too as well as serving as a health hazard to its inhabitants. To put it simply, if you even think that termites may have taken up residence in your property, you need to act immediately. If termites are not causing a major issue for you now, give it time and they most certainly will.…Read More

Luckily, you can rely on the local specialist provider of termite treatment in Port Arlington and termite inspection Port Arlington residents have trusted for over two decades – Neighbourhood Pest Control. No matter how significant the level of termites at your property, our expert team promises an affordable, effective solution to the problem. We provide an efficient pest control service, using only the most environmentally friendly materials and ensuring that we deliver an efficient solution that does not disrupt your lifestyle, property or business operations.

Whether your home, office, apartment, shop, community centre, school, clinic, restaurant or café has become subject to a termite infestation, the Neighbourhood Pest Control team are to help.…Hide Content