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‘Termites’ is a word that’s dreaded all over Australia and the world. One cannot ever quite understand how insects so small can cause damage so significant. Termites can eat through the wooden structure of a property, wooden interiors such as kitchen and office furniture as well as paper, clothing and even filtration systems. If their presence goes unnoticed or is ignored, termites serve only to multiply in numbers and in turn, the damage caused tends to multiply too. The damage that termites can potentially cause to your property aside, those little guys can also have an impact on the health of those who frequent the property. Termites carry fungi that can have negative side effects on human health so when it comes to termites, you simply cannot take any risks. If you suspect those guys have nested themselves in your home or business, take action and call the experts today.…Read More

Rely on the help of the local expert provider of termite treatment in Ocean Grove & termite inspection Ocean Grove residents have trusted for many years – Neighbourhood Pest Control. We offer the skill and expertise to ensure the delivery a swift, affordable solution to your termite problem. Our fully licensed, trained and insured team of pest control specialists can identify and treat termite infestations in both residential and commercial properties from houses and apartments to office blocks, restaurants, shops and warehouses.

Don’t allow termites to damage the health of employees or family members, affect the sale of your property and save yourself a serious amount of dollars in repairs, call Neighbourhood Pest Control today to take those termites away.…Hide Content