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Clayton residents – do you know how much of an affect termites can have on your home or business? Don’t be tempted to put termites in the same category as other ants, flies and insects that can inhabit the home – these guys pose a much more significant threat to your property and its inhabitants. Once termites nest themselves inside a residential or commercial property, they feed on wood, paper, clothing, power lines and even plants, causing thousands of dollars of damage. The sheer presence of termites is enough to devalue your property. They carry fungi that can have a negative impact on human health too. Long story short – you do not want termites sticking around!…Read More

If you require a termite treatment in Clayton or are looking for a termite inspection Clayton – specialist provider, Neighbourhood Pest Control is here to help. A family owned and operated business, our expert team boast a combined 30 years of industry experience. We are fully licenced, insured and trained to service both commercial and residential properties in the Clayton area and carry a solid reputation as an honest, reliable and affordable termite control provider. We provide advice and assistance to a range of homes and businesses in Clayton, serving houses, apartments, warehouses, restaurants, shopping centres, office complexes and cafes effectively and efficiently.

We promise to swiftly identify any termite infestation in your property and ensure complete termite treatment and removal using the most environmentally friendly materials. For expert pest control services that won’t disrupt your property, business operations or lifestyle, trust Neighbourhood Pest Control.…Hide Content