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When it comes to protecting your residential or commercial property, you will pull out all the stops to protect your property from damage from fire and periods of bad weather. However, are you protecting your property against the potential threat of damage caused by termites? Termite infestations can cause a significant issue through their ability to eat through wood, paper and even clothing. Even the presence of a couple of mites can swiftly turn into a much bigger issue as those guys tend to multiply in numbers…fast! Their presence can also deteriorate human health too. To protect your home or business from termite damage, schedule yearly termite inspections or call in the experts as soon as you even suspect the presence of termites in your property.…Read More

When you need to banish termites from your home or business, trust the local specialist provider for termite treatment in Caroline Springs, and termite inspection Caroline Springs residents have relied on for more than 2 decades – Neighbourhood Pest Control. We offer a highly affordable, effective solution to all your termite problems. Whether you require ongoing termite inspections to ensure optimum property protection, a termite inspection for property sales purposes or you need to “evict” an infestation of termites, our expert team are here to help. We licenced and insured to deliver termite and pest control services to houses, apartments, office, shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants and pretty much any building there is.

Ensure termites never prove a real headache. Talk to Neighbourhood Pest Control for expert termite control advice and services.…Hide Content