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Aren’t rodents and pests just such a pain? Possums can rip apart your property and make a total mess of your garden. Rats and mice can multiply in numbers in a matter of weeks meaning that an infestation problem just gets bigger and more difficult to manage. Mites can eat away at wooden structures while the presence of cockroaches and other rodents can present health hazards. No matter how small a pest or rodent infestation is, it presents a problem as once those guys settle in to your property, they only serve to extend their brood! Don’t let pests and rodents take hold of your residential or commercial property. Talk to the specialist providers of pest control Port Arlington residents have trusted for more than two decades – Neighbourhood Pest Control.… Read More

We are a family owned and operated business boasting a team of experts with over 30 years of combined experience. Rats or mice, birds or possums, ants or cockroaches – whatever unwanted visitor you have present on your property, we can ensure swift and effective pest control in Geelong. No pest problem is too big or small for our team. We can effectively serve homes, apartments, office complexes, shops, hotels, restaurants and pretty much any property there is! When you have a pest problem and need an affordable, effective solution fast, rest assured in the knowledge that your local experts in pest control in Port Arlington are standing by to help you out. Take action today – we’re here to treat your issue with the serious attention it requires.… Hide Content