How Do I know if I have Termites?

Pests are never a good thing. But termites are especially problematic. They can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Not only that but termites are not always obvious. Like any pest infestation, it takes time to grow. By the time you see the signs, your home may have suffered some real damage.

Why Are Termites Such a Problem?

Termites are a huge threat to your home. They chew through wood, and that weakens the entire structure. Termites begin eating away at your house the moment they settle in. If you miss the early warning signs, you may not catch the problem in time. If you don’t, you will need more than termite management: You’ll also need to repair the termite damage. Take the initiative before you’re stuck with expensive repairs.

5 Major Signs that You Have Termites

Your home is a big investment, and it’s where you make your life. Locks on the doors won’t keep termites from eating your home out from under you, but there are plenty of ways you can keep your house safe. However, you need to know how to spot the signs of termites before you begin pursuing treatments. Here are 5 signs that you may have a termite infestation:

1. Termite Wings

There are certain times of the year when winged termites travel in swarms. This is normal in the summer months, especially after heavy rains. During this time, you might notice termites around your yard or even in your house. That doesn’t mean you have an infestation! Termites will drop their wings when they find a place they decide is ideal to nest. So, if you’re seeing a lot of flying termites you are probably close to a nest. If, however, you’re noticing a lot of termite wings laying around, it’s time to call a licensed/accredited pest control service.

2. Strange Clicking Sounds in Your Walls

Certain types of male termites make tapping noises when they sense a threat or disturbing sound vibrations. So, if you’re hearing a lot of disembodied clicking coming from your walls, you may have termites. Of course, there could always be other causes. If you suspect you have a problem, or your hearing strange noises in your walls, consult an expert before taking any action.

3. Windows and Doors Working Improperly

Termites feast on the wood in your home. As they do so, it causes the overall integrity of the structure to break down. This means your house is going to shift. You will notice that windows and doors don’t work the same as they used to. Windows may become difficult to open, while doors will not close tightly. This is a sign of a serious infestation that compromises your home. Timber will swell, become hollow and soft and plaster board walls will bubble.

4. Brittle Wood, Tunnels in Wood, and Sawdust

Termites literally chew up your home, so it’s no surprise that compromised and damaged wood is a sign of termite infestation. If you’re noticing this in your home, it is beyond time to call in an exterminator.

At first, this evidence will be hidden in parts of your home you don’t see all the time. Look in closets, cabinets, and other dark and unused areas of your home. Subteranean termites start from the ground and work their way up soft floor boards, skirting boards, architraves. These are generally first indicators.

What To Do if I Suspect Termites

First off, don’t panic. Termites may be tricky, but there are plenty of ways to rid your home of them. The absolute best thing you can do is call in a professional. They can determine what kind of termites are in your structure, or if you have a different pest infestation all together.

From there, the problem can be treated and the damage repaired. After that, consider having regular treatments done to prevent the termites from coming back.

The bottom line is this: your home is the most expensive investment you will likely ever make. It is worth it to invest in quality pest control services to protect that investment. If you don’t, you may be looking at expensive repairs. Consult with a quality pest control service today to ensure a better tomorrow!

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