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With over 24 years of industry experience, Neighbourhood Pest Control is your go-to destination for all pest infestation problems. We know how to target pesky pests of all types that make life a little unmanageable and very uncomfortable. Wondering if you’ll get bitten in the middle of the night or whether your children are at high risk of allergens is a burden you don’t have to carry while living in your home. Our trained technicians are able to tackle any and all pests, so that you and your family can rest easy. Give Neighbourhood Pest Control a call today and make those pests go away!… Read More

The safety of homes is of utmost priority for the team here at Neighbourhood Pest Control, and that’s a statement we stand by. Whether you are living in a small one-bedroom apartment or a large multi-level detached home, we are capable of handling the job quickly and easily. We know that an infestation can make your home unliveable and, as such, we will do whatever it takes to remove these pests professionally and efficiently.

We are able to handle infestations of spiders, cockroaches, fleas, possums, rodents, flies, termites and many more of these little creatures. Once we fully eradicate them from your premises, we perform a regular maintenance of your home for at least 6 months, to insure that the infestation is completely gone, long-term. This, we believe, provides our clientele with comfort and the knowledge that we are there to help them for good. It’s no wonder that we’ve become labelled as the best home pest control Geelong can rely on!

Whether you are looking for commercial pest control in Geelong or a pest inspection in Melbourne, we offer friendly customer service that is transparent and honest right from the start. When you book your free quote with us, our technicians inspect your home, top to bottom, in order to implement the necessary tactics to eradicate the pests. Our technicians will then explain the process for you, letting you know how long it will take, when the pests are expected to be removed and what that means for your safety and that of your family’s thereafter.

Additionally, we only use top of the line biodegradable materials for the process so we’re not harming the environment or your family. In fact, we make sure to keep the entirety of the process as safe as possible, removing any threat to the people and things around you. That’s our promise.

Looking for the best home pest control in Geelong and surrounding area? Give Neighbourhood Pest Control a call today! You can reach us on 1300 307 864 anytime or send us a message via our online contact form. We look forward to making your lives at home that much more comfortable, healthy and safe.… Hide Content