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An infestation of pests or rodents can cause havoc to a residential or commercial property. Pesky possums can cause great damage to a property if they are allowed to run around for long enough. Rats and mice can carry unwanted germs into your home while cockroaches, mites and other rodents may pose hazards to the health of those occupying the property.

When your property is hit by a rodent or pest infestation, the important thing to do is act swiftly to ensure they don’t get too comfortable in your home and cause trouble for you, your employees or your family. The Neighbourhood Pest Control team are a specialist provider of pest control Barwon Heads residents can turn to when unwanted rodents and/or pests take up residence in their property. We’re here to provide an affordable solution to pest control in Melbourne when you need it most… Read More

Neighbourhood Pest Control serves both commercial and residential properties, delivering effective pest control and pest management services to houses, apartments, office blocks, shopping units, factories, warehouses, cafes, hotels and restaurants too. Whatever your termite need – no matter how big or small – our experienced team can fulfil your requirements. We can help to efficiently remove termites, possums, rats, mice, spiders, flies, cockroaches and many more rodents or pests from your property without disrupting your lifestyle or property.With over 30 years of industry experience and over two decades of experience serving the great Barwon Heads area, you can rely on Neighbourhood Pest Control to deliver when you require a prompt yet superior pest control service

Pest Control Barwon Heads Residents Can Rely On

Regardless of whether you own a home, a business or both in Barwon Heads, there’s one thing that you certainly want to avoid at all costs: a pest infestation. There’s nothing worse than discovering that your beloved family home or business has been secretly invaded by unwanted visitors, especially when some of them can be extremely damaging to both your property and your health and safety.

Fortunately, when it comes to accessing quality pest control, Barwon Heads home and business owners don’t have to look far. Here at Neighbourhood Pest Control, we’ve built an enviable reputation in the industry for providing superior pest removal services to customers with a range of different infestation problems.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently discovered that you’ve got a rodent problem or whether you’re looking to finally end a long-term struggle with flies, ants or cockroaches, you can be confident that we have the solution. In fact, our team have the training and experience which, combined with our state of the art equipment, allows them to deal with absolutely any kind of infestation, from insects and spiders to possums and birds.

The Importance of Conducting a Termite Inspection

Barwon Heads locals will also be pleased to know that we’re also equipped to deal with one of the very worst and most pernicious pests of all: termite colonies. It’s well known that termites can do severe damage to a property, but unfortunately many termite infestations go undetected for long periods of time, and aren’t discovered until lasting and expensive damage has already been done.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to have your home and/or business regularly checked for termites by a professional. This way, the nuisance creatures can be removed before they cause any trouble. And fortunately for you, here at Neighbourhood Pest Control we can provide the thorough termite inspection Barwon Heads homes and businesses need.

Swift and Safe Pest Removal Services

Pests in the home can make day to day live stressful and unpleasant, while pests on the premises of a business can ultimately threaten the very survival of the company in the long term. Therefore, once it has been established that you have a pest problem, the only thing that matters is getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Here at Neighbourhood Pest Control, we’re renowned for the swiftness with which we act to remove pests from properties, but we understand that customers often have concerns regarding the safety of pest removal products for them and – in the case of businesses – their employees and customers. That’s why we’re proud to use only biodegradable products which are targeted to affect pests alone, giving our customers complete peace of mind that they’re not putting themselves or anybody else at risk.

Contact a member of our friendly team today to find out more information about our inspection, removal and ongoing prevention services, and you’ll be well on your way to putting an end to your pest problems for good.

Whether you need pest control services for your home or workplace, Neighbourhood Pest Control provides fast and friendly service with great prices. Covering most Geelong and Melbourne areas.

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